Taskbar does not hide Windows 10

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You should consider not hiding the Windows 10 taskbar. As we all know, Windows 10 taskbar is useful. But sometimes you don’t want this toolbar to appear on the screen. Here’s how to hide the Windows 10 toolbar: Does the Windows 10 taskbar hide the full screen? Don’t worry. Here are some steps to hide the toolbar. If working on a PC, you can hide the toolbar even on a tablet.
Taskbar does not hide Windows 10
Does the taskbar interfere with your work? The taskbar will not disappear in full-screen mode and create problems for you, or the taskbar will bother you, then we will provide you with a solution. Whether you are a PC, laptop or tablet user, there is a solution for you. After following these steps, the taskbar will not hide the problem for you. Stay tuned to the blog and learn more on the taskbar without hiding in full-screen mode. In this blog, we will discuss the taskbar that does not hide Windows 10 and tablets
Taskbar does not hide Windows 10
Follow these steps to make your life easier. With this step, you can hide the Windows 10 toolbar.
first step:
First, you need to right-click anywhere in the taskbar area. If using a tablet or touch mode, you need to pin your finger on the toolbar.
Second step
After right-clicking on the toolbar, you will see a drop-down menu. Mark TASKBAR SETTING from the drop-down menu.
third step
After you click Settings, it will automatically switch in window 10 to hide the taskbar mode.
This is the easiest method, and no missiles are needed thereafter. No professional help is required to resolve these issues. Whenever the taskbar is not hidden, perform the above steps. If you have a new laptop, you can make these changes to it.
By hiding the taskbar, you will get a full-screen display without the taskbar interfering with your work.
After performing this step, the taskbar will be hidden and will not appear until you move the cursor to the appropriate location on the display.
For tablet users
If you are using a laptop in tablet mode and the taskbar does not hide the full screen, you need to perform the same steps. Since no mouse is used in this mode, you need to place your finger on a blank space on the taskbar
After retaining, sometimes a window pops up. You need to select a setting option from the drop-down menu. From now on, the taskbar will not bother you while you work.
If you want to view the taskbar in tablet mode, this is an easy process. For this you need criticism. From the bottom of the screen, you can slide the Windows 10 taskbar again.
Another way: restart Windows 10
first step
You can use the shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + Esc. When you do this, the Task Manager will open
The second step:
If there is no “Interference” option visible, press “More Details”.
third step
In more detail, you need to go to Windows Explorer under Process. After that, click the left mouse button. After clicking, the operation will be repeated.
This is another way of the taskbar, rather than hiding the problem. By performing any of the above methods, it will solve the taskbar, which does not hide the full-screen issue
in the conclusion
The option to hide the taskbar is not only hidden, but you can also try other things related to the taskbar. Did you know that you can change the position of the taskbar? Who wants the traditional position of the taskbar? You can place the taskbar on the left or right side of the screen. Since the Windows 10 taskbar does not hide the problem, please customize it. You can even diversify icon sizes on the taskbar. Zoom in or out for you. Most of you are happy with the virtual look, but because it offers some good options, it feels a little crazy. Customize the taskbar now and hide it when needed.

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