iPad has been disabled to connect to iTunes

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Your iPad has been disabled. Connect to iTunes is the message displayed on the screen. When this happens, it can sometimes be very frustrating. And you can do anything. iPad is disabled and cannot connect to iTunes, which frustrates you. Although you have tried all installations and referenced works. The question here is what to do in this case. Before entering the installation process, you need to know about disabled iPods. Why is this so?
iPad has been disabled to connect to iTunes

Why is the iPad damaged?

Before running the solution, let’s find out why the iPad is disabled. One of the reasons for the iPad or iPod crash is that the password is wrong for more than the recommended time. So if you encounter problems while disabling the iPad’s connection to iTunes messages, you need to use your laptop to clear the settings and content.
When you enter the wrong password five times in a row on the iPad and iPod, there is a system. The keyboard is locked or the iPad is temporarily disabled. The reason for this is to protect your information and data and prevent anyone else from discovering the password or password.
Regardless of the reason behind the forgotten password or third-party access to the iPad, there is an iPad solution that has disabled the connection to iTunes. If you are concerned that you are not backing up, relax. Here you will also find the data that has been saved in the i-cloud.

How to connect iTunes when the iPad is disabled?

Let us know immediately how to connect iTunes when the iPad is disabled. You can easily access an iPad in a few steps. After disabling the iPad, you will see this message on the “Retry in 15 minutes” screen. To do this, you can wait 15 minutes and then re-enter your password. Sometimes you forget your password or password. After 15 minutes, re-enter the password. Remember that one thing you see on the screen after entering the wrong password will increase.
When you exceed the maximum password entry, you will see this message on the “Connect to iTunes” screen, what’s the problem here? But the good news is that you can do this by restoring settings and content using its recovery mode-recovery mode is the best way to solve the problem because it provides backup and it is wise to lose messages, videos, photos, and Everything on your iPod or iPad.
If you want to erase your iPad or iPod, you need a computer running iTunes or macOS Catalina. Without a laptop or PC, do you need to go to the nearest Apple store or borrow money from one of your friends? To access your laptop or PC, prepare to fix “iPad is disabled”.

How to connect to iTunes when the iPad is disabled

Now you will find here how to fix a disabled iPod or Ipad showing a “Connect to iTunes” error. So do the following the now
first step
First, you need to turn off your iPod or iPad. To do this, you need to press the volume control button and the upper button. When you press it once, your iPad will turn off.
Second step
After that, you need to press the top button and then press the button while the iPad is connected to a laptop or PC. To do this, you again need to press and hold the top and the buttons simultaneously.
third step
When you press the top button and the homepage, don’t release it until you see Recovery Mode on your computer screen.
the fourth step
Once the recovery mode appears on your computer screen, you can tag your iPad. After selecting the iPad, click “Restore”.
the fifth step
After clicking the restore button, you will lose all unstored data. Therefore, you need to back up your files.
Remember: iTunes and Finders will allow you to download new versions of IPadO. If this process takes more than 15 minutes, you should follow the steps above to enter recovery mode.
How to avoid “connect to iTunes” mode.
You need to enter the password or password correctly. If the password is entered incorrectly, the iPad is disabled. Generally, most people wait a few minutes again after entering their password. However, when re-entered, it will not let you enter the wrong password.
Because if you continue to enter the wrong password, iPod and iPad will be permanently disabled. So this is a measure taken by iPad to protect your files from strangers.
The steps above will definitely help you connect to your iPad. iPad’s connection to iTunes has been disabled; yes, this is worrying you, but if you follow simple steps, you can access iPad. What you need to do is back up your files, photos, videos and other basic data first.
The next question is, can’t we unlock my iPad using Touch ID or Face ID? But sometimes a password is still needed to unlock the iPad, which often happens when restarting the device or updating software. So do n’t forget your password …

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