How to cancel Google Docs

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How to cancel Google Docs
Sometimes I am not sure about some documents. Whether these fonts or documents are needed in the document. When you don’t want to delete the content but keep it, it is best to use Google Docs Mediated. If you are confused about the content, you can use Google Docs Broken. This way, you can draw a line in the text selection of the content or document. This line indicates that the underlined part should be ignored, but does not need to be deleted or deleted. This way, you can get content when you need it later. Multi-format text with strikethrough feature. If you are using Google Doc and looking for the feature of text stripping in a google doc, be prepared to learn how.
How to cancel Google Docs
Using google docs text-mediated guides, you can choose to underline text using Google Docs-mediated features.
How to cancel Google Docs
To implement strikethrough in Google Docs, you need to open Google Docs first. This is an easy way to skip text in Google Docs. This way, you can use the strikethrough feature to select any text in the document. Here are some steps you need to follow.
Open your Google Doc
To do this, you first need to open the document you want to delete.
Select content and text
After opening the desired document, select the desired font or text. In other words, select the text you want to draw or strikethrough. Then, anywhere on the text of the document. There is no specific place to click the document text. In the document, objects also have “Ctrl + A” on the keyboard.
Looking for layout options
After pressing Ctrl + A, look for the Layout tab. The format tab is on the top toolbar.
Looking for strikethrough
When you click on a format, you will see several options. You must mark a strikethrough. Alternatively, you can press Alt + Shift + 5 directly to achieve strikethrough.
How to remove strikethrough
If you want to remove strikethrough, you can follow this procedure by selecting the text with the initial strikethrough step.
A quick way to spy on Google text documents
If this is not safe for you, the above abstract methods are not safe, and you are looking for a way to quickly listen to the text, click here For most users, using the strikethrough option in Google Docs is not easy. Most of them still don’t know about these features. They avoid strikethroughs due to somewhat difficult techniques. But there are still people, so I like mediation text. But after reading this method, you will start using Google Doc’s strikethrough feature. This is the way to draw a line below the beginning or less important text. If you are not in the next method mentioned earlier, this method will definitely make you use these features in Google Doc.
Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts for strikethrough? So please open Google Docs and prepare to proxy Google Docs.
Select the desired text
If you want to arrange text using the keyboard method, you need to set the buttons on the keyboard in advance. First, select the text. Then press Alt + Shift + 5 on your keyboard. If you are looking for a detailed guide, stay tuned to this blog.
Step through the text
Highlight text
Use your mouse or cursor to highlight the text you want to access.
Press the keys simultaneously
The selection or text must contain one line.
How to undo Google Doc strikethrough
This step also goes in the opposite direction. You can do this if you have strikethrough text in your document and you want to undo the process. The steps are the same as strikethrough. For this highlighting, the required text is strikethrough while holding Alt + Shift + 5. This will delete the drawn lines.
From now on, using Google Docs is no longer difficult. Follow these steps to make your document easier to read.

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