Change the network from public to private

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Change the network from public to private
Are you looking for an easy way to change from “how to change the network from public to private”? If you are a Windows 10 user, there are mainly two basic sets of sharing settings and security. Wireless and wired networks are two settings: public and private. The names of these two settings make it easy to understand their capabilities. Private networks describe networks in offices and homes, and the audience is libraries, airports, cafes, etc. so the difference between the two companies is very simple. But the question here is how does Windows 10 handle private and public networks differently? And how to switch between these two networks. Keep following the blog and discover the easy way to change the network from public Windows to private Windows 10.
Change the network from public to private
Windows 10 changes network to private or public
If you travel frequently and need to work in airports, libraries, and cafes, you need to keep your laptop safe. If you are under Windows 10, you can follow these simple steps.
When you turn on your laptop in a private place and connect to an available network, Windows 10 asks questions such as “What type of connection or network?” And also asks which setting you want to use. If you forgot to do this step between changing your mind and want to switch between private and public settings, see the instructions below. You can adjust the settings at any time. So be prepared to find out.
Before you start learning how to change your network from a public network to a private network, let’s get familiar with the private and public network settings in Windows 10. You need to understand the difference between the two. How they each interfere with your privacy, and how private settings can benefit the public. Alright, let’s go.
Let us know about Windows 10 private and public networks
Set up a public network on Windows 10.
Generally, when choosing to connect a profile to the PUBLIC, keep in mind that this general setting is restricted. With this setting, other gadgets cannot use printers and files on the same network. In short, it provides security for your data files. When using a connection between a cafe, a restaurant, etc., it is best to switch to the public network setting.
Setting up a private network for Windows 10
When talking about setting up a private network, you can say that you are establishing a reliable network connection. Because neither the public nor your neighbors have access to the private network, you are free to use it. Another advantage of using a private network is that you can share videos, files, and printers with other laptops on the same network. Develop a reliable and secure private network.
However, there are differences in the firewall settings of both networks. Both private and public networks have restricted firewalls by default. But there is a customization option, you can customize the settings by network type.
How to change the network from public to private and vice versa
If you want Windows 10 to change the network to be a private network or a bonded network, follow these steps.
First, you need to connect the system to the network. To do this, you can mark the network icon in the notification area. After clicking the network icon, you will see the available networks. Click the network you want, and then click Connect. After selecting the network, click Properties. After clicking Properties, a window is displayed with some options.
In this new window, you can see the network profile. Under the network profile, there are two options.
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Select options based on your requirements. This network changed from Windows to Windows 10 dedicated to wireless networks
How to change a wired network from public to private
For wired networks, you need to open the Start menu. Then go to settings. Tick ​​the network and the Internet. On NETWORK and INTERNET, go to Ethernet and select Network.
After selecting the network adapter, click Private or Public Network.

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